History - Op Chastise

On the night of 16/17 May 1943, Wing Commander Guy Gibson led 19 Lancaster bombers from RAF Scampton, each with a 7 man crew and armed with specially designed Bouncing Bombs, deep into Germany to attack three key Dams at the head of the Industrial Ruhr Valley. Whilst the mission was deemed a success, 8 of the Lancasters did not return and 53 of the aircrew perished.

The Plan

19 teams of 7 'Crew members' will be walking circuits of RAF Cosford Airfield, from 21:28 on the 16th of May, until 06:15 on the 17th, covering approximately 28 miles per person. Each team will be named after one of the 19 Lancasters that took part in the overnight raids in May 1943.

Other volunteers are welcome to join in at any stage for one or more circuits to add to the grand total of miles.


The event will start 75 years after the first Lancaster took off, at 21:28 on the 16th May; and will finish 75 years after the final Lancaster landed, at 06:15 on the 17th May.

At the times where each of the 8 Lancasters was downed, a 1 minute silence will be held.

At 00:39, the time when the Möhne Dam was breached, the walkers will change direction, as if coming home.

In addition to the main event, an "Early Busters" walk will be available for those not able to partake in the main event between 19:00 and 20:30. Please contact Lee Buckland if you are interested in taking part.

The Event

Of the 19 teams of 7 taking part, The University of Birmingham Air Squadron (UBAS) will provide 3 teams, with the other 16 coming from local military units, as well as volunteers from wider business and civilian groups.

The evening will start at 19:30 at UBAS HQ, RAF Cosford where there will be a marquee serving food and refreshments.

'The Dambusters' film will be showing on a big screen and a live WWII themed band will be playing.

How to get involved

Form a team of 7 to represent a crew.
Each of the 19 teams is encouraged to raise a minimum of £1000

Walk some circuits as an individual or with friends/family to add to the total milage count.

Sponsor a team or individual.

Come along to help and support

Spread the word about this very special event! Visit:
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For more information, please contact Lee Buckland